Water Proofing

Aiga Industries Pvt. Ltd. has a complete range of environmentally friendly products to suit your project big or small and within your budget. Our product range is a unique water-based solution that requires no mixing, no special equipment and no special skills. All products are applied by spray, brush or roll on, whatever is best suited for the job at hand and best of all their easy to work with and safe for the skin and safe for our environment.

Aiga Industries Pvt. Ltd. is India’s emerging top quality & innovative supplier company in the field of waterproofing chemicals. In India there are many waterproofing companies but Aiga offers more than waterproofing, we offer customer satisfaction. We supply a wide range of products that are used for application on different kinds of concrete structures & surfaces, with the main purpose of protecting them in any kind of climatic conditions by which all cracks and/or leakages are plucked, even as it enhances the durability for the maximum number of years.

Roof should not leak even if there is accumulation of water (Commonly associated with every roof) OUR COATINGS are the best solutions to such problems.
Expansion, contraction, climatic variation, poor workmanship & normal paints are major causes, leading to crack development on the vertical surface.
If you have a project which requires special attention, we will be the best partners for the project.


We have developed & improved our products with many years of applying the product, assessing the results, listening & interacting with our clients & vendors. Today we feel very proud to say we have developed products that very effective, competitive, complying with international standards and delivering results.

We recognize each project of ours is different in nature. That’s why we make our products & service customized to our clients need.

Our motto is to give the best service to our customer’s pre or post-application. Maybe it’s an appreciation of doing a very good job or any challenge that has cropped in while the project is on a working stage, AIGA TEAM WILL BE THERE TO FIND THE SOLUTION FOR YOU.

We take pride in conducting our business with integrity. Whether its our esteemed client or our trusted vendor, the time we approach the job & till the time we complete the project we understand our responsibility very well and our commitment towards it is very focused.